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When I’m high I’m so sexy to me
When I’m high I could be on the cover of magazines.
When I’m high, I’m thin and my boobs are big.
And though my face is round, its strong and powerful.
My lips are soft and tempting for all the guys I meet,
And the little space between them accentuates my shoulders.
My short hair is in and stylish.
When I raise my arms, the stretch marks around the top of them are sexy.

When I’m high I’m so sexy to me.
My neck is long and my limbs are endless.
The red of my eyes set off my dark brown irises
And my tear stained face is grunge,
As is the way my beads fall between my breasts
Giving me rock hard abs.
And my perfectly done fingernails digging into my breasts as my fingers press down
The way my bra straps cut into my shoulders is so sumptuous
My extra fat just gluttonous
The way it makes my belly look full with promise but cut like knives to my juicy…
But I can’t see.
My lips with open promise grimace, it looks sexy.

When I’m high I’m sexy
Ain’t no man can resist me
The veins in my eyes like lightning electricity
I want everybody to like me, so I’m sexy
And because I’m not funny, when you take off the layer that makes me sexy
I’m just a serious girl waiting to be taken seriously.


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Born and Bred Confused Trini

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